Friday, August 3, 2012

No More!

After seeing my Xbox 360 with the red ring of death for the second time in my life, I've decided that I'm done with Microsoft's Xbox brand of consoles. I've found a store that will repair my Xbox 360 for 60 dollars, which is better than the two deals Microsoft offered me. One involved a order request through the Internet, which costs $123. The other deal is expensive and involves an order request through the phone, which is $150! I'm sorry Microsoft, but these deals just won't cut it for me. Even if my console is out of warranty (which it is).

When my Xbox 360 is repaired (for the second time), I will keep it and play it as I usually do. However, for as long as I live for, I will not buy an Xbox 720 or any other future generation of Microsoft consoles. The reason being is because of the rumors of the 720 being more DRM controlled. Specifically speaking, the 720 will not allow consumers to play used games without charging a price. E.A and other gaming publishers are already doing this by charging gamers a fee for an online pass if they buy one of their games used. Mass Effect 3 is a perfect example of such a game. 

Too bad you can't experience Mass Effect 3 Co-Op without paying a price. 

Ultimately, my main point stands. Microsoft cannot make a video-game console without there-being some sort of console breaking problem such as the Red Ring of Death. Plus, if they do decide to implement E.A's DRM system to rid the used-game market than I will boycott Microsoft's Xbox brand of consoles forever starting with the 720. But who cares, right? Because I've already started my boycott of Xbox. 

I love video games, I really do. I've been playing them since I was three years old. But when practices such as E.A charging gamers a fee for buying a game used start happening, then that's when I feel the joy and fun of video-games are starting to be pushed aside for corporate money laundering. I'm not one-hundred percent sure if the practice will apply to the Xbox 720, but I already won't be buying anymore Xbox consoles so it won't matter for me. Instead I'll save my money, and invest in a gaming rigged PC (and a PlayStation 4, when it comes out).

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