Sunday, May 6, 2012

Murder from a Merchant: CANCELED!

The last project that I was talking about, Murder from a Merchant, is canceled.

The reason being is because the first episode was a test pilot made to see if people would enjoy watching the show. Unfortunately, the reception was not so warm welcoming from the gaming community, and it forced me to cancel from ever making anymore of it. Don't expect another project like Murder from a Merchant from me again. I think I'll stay away from this line of work for now, and see what else I can do.

Maybe a talk-show or something.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NEW PROJECT! Skyrim Machinima!

A new machinima series, based off of Skyrims Engine, made by Kirby Pink. 

Plot Synopsis:

"An everyday merchant, named John Vlad, is accused by the city of Whiterun for murder. To clear his name, he will need the help of a talented soldier named Alexander Ves. Together, they travel across Skyrim to hunt the real murderer who committed the act of homicide in Whiterun. But things are not as clear and normal for John, as he will soon realize that this journey is beyond murder and theft..." 

So, I decided to green-light this project after realizing that Skyrim's engine is actually very suitable for machinima films and series. I had an interesting idea for a story, this story eventually developed, and then I decided to use the engine of Skyrim to tell this story. There will be a total of five episodes to this series, each being almost five to six minutes in length, with some being longer or shorter; depending on how well things turns out in the editing bay. This episode is simply the introduction to everything. The main protagonist, John Vlad, will play a bigger role in future episodes, and Alex will be introduced in episode 2. 

If this "pilot" episode goes well and attracts enough attention, then I will continue with Murder from a Merchant. So be sure to comment, subscribe, like, favorite, and get your voice heard out there. More interesting stuff coming real soon. Stay tuned.