Monday, July 30, 2012

Not again, never again...

It looks like my Xbox 360 has suffered considerably. By considerably, I mean it has the three red lights of death. This exact same problem happened to me in 2007, and was sent to Microsoft for the Xbox 360 to be repaired.  I was hoping the problem would never happen again. But here we are, five years later and the red lights of death come back in random fashion.

I was enjoying a play session of Grand Theft Auto IV (I was replaying it recently to get prepared and hyped up for the coming Grand Theft Auto V) and everything was going smoothly. Suddenly, out of no-where, my game crashes. I got off the couch and restarted my Xbox, hoping that a simple restart would fix the console. Unfortunately, things don't always go as one would hope. After restarting the Xbox three times in a row, I saw the very same blinking red lights I saw five years ago. By that time, I really was upset. 

Afterwords, I contacted Microsoft Support and explained my problem to them. Turns out the  warranty for my current Xbox is expired, and I would have to pay a pretty hefty fee for my console to get fixed. As if right now, I'm not sure to pay the fee to get it fixed or to save the money and buy a brand, new Xbox 360 Slim. If things go well, I might pull over to the latter. But because of current financial issues, the two options might have to be delayed for another time. 

This current generation of gaming is probably the worst I've ever experienced. When I had my PlayStation one, it never broke on me. Not once. Same thing with my PlayStation 2. Even now it's in perfectly working condition, with absolutely no hiccups and no crashes. With my 360, I had to get it fixed once. Now I have to get it fixed again - this time with a fee attached. 

I'm not sure if I'm going to do this or not. I might have no choice but to send my current 360 off to Microsoft's workbench. After that's done, and after this experience, I think I'm done with the Xbox line of consoles. In fact, I'm through with console gaming all-together. I'm already through with hand-held gaming, and I'm not interested in the Xbox 720, the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U. My PC can provide a much bigger and clearer resolution than any console out there. It needs a new graphic card, but that's about the only little juice this thing needs. 

Kirby Pink is now signing off...

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