Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yes, I was gone. No, I don't want to apologize.

Alright, first I'd like to say that while I was gone for a long duration of time, I did come up with some ideas for a couple of new projects that I want to work on. The first project is a review/video game show using in-game machinima as a set piece (not sure which game will be used though). I'll show you an example of a review/video game show. 

The above is basically a review done by Angryjoe, on his own game review show called "The Angryjoe Show". It was his videos that helped me come up with my own idea of a review show specializing in reviewing video games. What remains to be seen, however, is if I'm actually going to do it or not. There's a lot of obstacles in the way and if I can overcome those obstacles, than chances are I'll probably go for it. 

Another idea of mine is more weekly and frequent. It's in the same league as my review show idea, however it's different. Essentially, this second idea of mine involves me playing video games, while narrating my thoughts on specific scenes. A "Let's Play" basically. I'm more inclined to this idea than my review show one because it's more easier and has less obstacles in the way. Plus, you can be creative with the content you're making and add some humor, or a joke or something. Hell, I'm probably going to add tones of twists to my "Let's Play" videos if I ever get around to making them. 

So that's it then. Be sure to say tune for further information and conformation if any of this is going to happen or not. Kirbypink is signing off. 

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