Friday, July 20, 2012

New Plan

I've come up with a plan that should work. As I said before, I was thinking of two ideas to pursue: a review/video game based show, or a weekly Let's Play of me commenting on aspects of said video game. Right now, I'll be putting the Let's Play off-hold because there's a lot going on right now and I really can't focus my attention on it. Maybe because it's my voice or my narrative coherence. I'll be practicing a bit, but don't expect anything for a while.

My other idea, however, will go as plan but will not be a show. Instead, I'll be writing up weekly reviews on this blog and will provide as much specific insight as I possibly can. Each review will be done on either a weekly basis or a bi-weekly basis. It largely depends on when I finish that said game. If everything goes well, than the review will become a show. For now though, I just want it to remain small. 

Kirby Pink signing off... 

(P.S: My first review will be Mass Effect 1 and will be up shortly).

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