Monday, August 6, 2012

Are Your Politicians For Sale? from Political Prostitution on Vimeo.

An interesting video I found. I also found out that Demonoid, a popular torrent site, was taken down recently by the Ukrainian Government. If SOPA or other bills similar to it passes, than the above video may very well happen to you too. This can also affect my review process as well because "copyright infringement" (a highly debated term) can apply to sharing small clips of people playing video games on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I'm against SOPA and other bills like it. American politicians are idiots, and it amazes me how The Senate are a council of ridiculous buffoons who probably got their political science degrees from The University of Buffoons, a highly comprehensive university designed to teach students how to lie, manipulate, steal, propagate and abuse while the Buffoons themselves try their hardest to victimize themselves when they are the instigators and the abusers.

Kirbypink is against SOPA (and bills similar to it).

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