Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yes I fixed errors.

There were a couple of spelling and grammar errors in my last post that I just fixed. I was half-asleep when writing it, so I accidentally let some errors slip by me. Don't worry though, they're fixed and the post is back in good order and shape. I also wanted to list a couple of honorary mentions. As I said before, I've played many games in the past. So much so, that it was really hard to make that top ten list. So this post will be dedicated to five honorary mentions that are in a top twenty list. 

Mass Effect

As I said in an earlier review, Mass Effect is basically one of the best RPG's to have ever come out in recent years. In fact, I actually would call Mass Effect to be a perfect and flawless RPG to have ever come out in recent years. The combat system works great and is a lot of fun, with many clever companion tactics available to you. The exploration and adventuring in Mass Effect is amazingly well done, and gives a sense of unprecedented scale and huge scope. I also liked the story and the universe BioWare created for it, and of course the characters are some of the best written examples of NPC's for an RPG. I also like the Mako and the Uncharted planets. 

It's just too bad the sequels never lived to the standards of the first game. :(

Final Fantasy X

I've never beaten Final Fantasy X because of the immense length of the story. The characters, however, were some of the best I've seen in an RPG and while they are cliched, they are also well written. The game-play of Final Fantasy X was good for the most part, but the combat was a headache, with enemies spawning all over the place. It was repetitive and almost difficult to move across the game's many open levels, and the boss fights were ridiculously hard to defeat. However, the exploration of the game world and the puzzles are some of the best I've seen in an RPG. Plus, the story makes up for the flawed combat system.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Despite it being a Star Wars game, I really enjoyed playing KotOR II. It was a massive improvement over the original Knights of the Old Republic installment in terms of story and characters. And it's also one computer role-playing game that I still play today. It's considered by many to be Planescape: Torment II because of the sophisticated and complex writing, which is very rare for a Star Wars game. It's just a shame that a proper sequel was never made for it, leaving the ending in the air.


Tetris is addicting. One minute playing Tetris will soon turn into two hours trying to beat your previous score set. And with it being free to play on Google search, then Tetris is probably the best game to play when you're bored. I actually managed to score 109,042 points one time and that's currently my record. I'm going to beat it very, very soon though.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

It's a Deus Ex game, and I'm a Deus Ex fan. So of course this was going going to be included. :P In all seriousness though, I like Human Revolution. It's a great way to restart the series, and one of the best games to have come out in the last two years. The character of Adam Jenson feels more human and is easier to relate with than Alex D, the protagonist of Deus Ex: Invisible War. There's also some really nice nostalgic moments within Human Revolution as well, with Adam Jenson wearing a trench coat in a similar fashion to J.C Denton. The combat is also great too, with the option of using stealth or gunning everyone in your path and stealth really is improved in this latest installment from the previous game, where not even a crouch would hide you from enemy patrol.

There's just two problems with Human Revolution and those are the boss battles and the endings. The ending I'll get too in another post. But the boss fights felt out of place and the only option to defeat them is to gun them down in Quake style. The original Deus Ex gave you the option of running out of a boss fight without. Invisible War took it even further, with the option of simply not killing or stunning anybody.

I think Human Revolution is in-superior compared to the original Deus Ex games. It's a great game on its own, but fails in comparison to Deus Ex. It's still a really amazing game, and one that did an amazing job of restarting a dead series. All in all, I like Human Revolution despite the two horrendous problems with it and am looking forward to seeing a sequel to it.

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