Sunday, April 15, 2012

RetakeMassEffect3: KotOR Advertisement

Just wanted to let you know that a new video has been uploaded on KirbyPink's YouTube channel:

Taken from the description: This is something that I made using the KotOR (Knights of the Old Republic) engine. I, just like everyone else who finished Mass Effect 3, was highly disappointed on how BioWare rushed the ending of an otherwise amazing game. Because of my disappointment, I decided to join the RetakeMassEffect movement and created an humorous advertisement for it using the KotOR engine. Canderous represents BioWare, while the player character represents Mass Effect 3 players. For those who don't know, Canderous is the one in the purple armor, while the player creator is the one in black. 

Enjoy! KirbyPink signing off... 

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