Monday, April 9, 2012

I hope it works this time...

A couple of years ago, I made a blog similar to this one, but on a different site. It was a mess, a big mess actually because of how limited it was to create a professional look blog. This was three years ago, when I still was learning the basics of internet usage. I think it was because I was inexperience with blogs that made it look like a mess, or perhaps the website I was using was not as efficient as it advertised itself to be. Eitherway, it's in the past, and a done deal. It still was a good experience though because of many lessons that I learned on how to create a proper, professional style blog. 

As of right now, this blog is an experiment. Currently, I'm still figuring on what I should do with this. One part of me wants to use this as a political media platform, while another part of me wants to use it to voice my ego and rant on video-game and movie related subjects. I might just do both, and let my postings be a bit varying from time to time. I do have an idea for a internet web series that could accommodate alongside this blog, but we'll see what happens. I'm not even sure I'll even remember having this blog tomorrow. 

In the past, I've struggled trying to maintain a proper status on things, such as maintaining my rooms cleanliness, my garbage bag, or making sure my money isn't spent on pointless objects, but ultimately forgot everything, or forgot something that I should have remembered. This blog won't be an exception. I'm going to try to remember this, and try to post more updates on it, but I can't promise anything. Who knows, maybe this blog will be successful, and a mini internet series can be possible, or perhaps this blog will be a complete failure just like my last one. Only time will tell which scenario will be the likely reality. 

Despite my concerns and worries though, I think it's a fresh start for me. I've been without a project for sometime now, and I'm getting bored. This blog seems to be good for something, and that is to feed my own boredom. I won't have any advertisements popping out for anybody because I'm not in it for revenue or money. Besides, money is the cause of all evil's. Just look like Electronic Arts, they won America's Worst Company award because of their exploitation of their fan-base and employees. 

They create an incomplete video game, priced at full retail (in Canada it's $60.00, plus HST tax which is 0.15% added on the retail price) and releases it to game distribution stores all over the country (like GameStop). When an incomplete game is released, E.A (from here on out, I'll refer to them as "Evil Association") finishes that incomplete game by releasing DLC (Downloadable Content). These usually are priced at $10.00, but what is annoying about them, and why people like me despise this DLC system is because of how it's a money milking device. For example, Evil Association releases DLC on the same launch date for whatever corresponding game the DLC is for. The consumer is basically paying $69.00 (0.15% HST plus the $60.00 retail price) for a game that does not have specific contents, which were removed at the last hour because of the corporate standards of Evil Association. These contents are rather released as a $10.00 extra download on launch date. 

One example I can think of is Mass Effect 3. "From Ashes", a DLC for Mass Effect 3, introduces a squad-member that has an important role in the story of Mass Effect 3. This downloadable content was released alongside the game for an extra $10.00. It was released alongside Mass Effect 3 on the same day, same hour, same minute and same second. Some consumers boycotted Mass Effect because of this day one DLC launch. They realized that the higher ups of Evil Association was not being fair to the audience that helped built them to where they are now, and so boycotted the entire Mass Effect franchise all-together. 

I think this business practice caused E.A to actually lose more money. If they keep this up, in a few years time, BioWare's doors will be shut tight like Pandemic Studios, and all the RPG goodness that people have come to love from BioWare will no longer exist. That means no more Dragon Age, and no more Mass Effect. Unless BioWare outsources all their individual properties to another triple AAA company such as Bethesda or Blizzard. That would be nice actually, if Bethesda created a free-roam Mass Effect game similar to Skyrim. 

My point still stands though. If Evil Association continues this business practice of theirs, BioWare will face the possibility of its headquarters being shut tight. Again, it's not the fault of individuals like Casey Hudson, he's not to blame. It's the fault of the CEO's who run Evil Association, and the CEO's of BioWare who willingly gave themselves in to the demands of Evil Association, otherwise known as Electronic Arts. However, if there's something the regular people can do, is that they can create awareness all across the internet about E.A's business practice. Make those who consume E.A's DLC scheme wake up, send a complaint to E.A, create viral videos exposing their DLC scheme, do whatever it takes to wake people up. That's all I ask from you. Kirby Pink is signing off...

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